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Level One Technologies develops powerful web based applications that help businesses become more efficient and profitable.

Level One Technologies creates user friendly web applications that integrate with your existing software to extend their life and value. Our customers continue to use the software they've invested in, while experiencing the benefits of sharing information and interacting with their business partners over the web. The result is a more efficient work flow that avoids the hassle and expense of developing, implementing and learning new systems. Our applications are highly customizable and allow us to quickly adapt to meet your business needs.

Parrascope is a web based application designed by Level One Technologies that allows state agencies to manage and report their use of federal stimulus funds. This application is being co-developed and used by the Wyoming Department of Jobs and Education. The initial version of the application was used to generate both monthly and quarterly ARRA reports. It has recently been expanded to include application and fund request functionality for the Jobs and Education Jobs program.

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  February, 14 2017

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