Roadify Transit

Roadify Transit provides real-time/multi-mode arrivals, service advisories and directions for mobile apps and public signage throughout North America.

Roadify is a data platform and mobile application for transit information. Roadify uses open data to solve a universal problem???making it easy for people to learn when their bus, train, subway, etc is coming and why it???s late if it???s not there. Roadify has the scale to provide information for public signage at transit hubs and elsewhere???including Brooklyn???s Barclays Center, New York???s City 24x7 kiosks and the Philadelphia Convention Center. Roadify has strategic relationships with Cisco and Veolia Transportation around data management and content distribution.

Roadify???s model is simple:

1. Aggregate open real-time arrival, advisory and schedule data from transit agencies with tweets and comments from users. Distribute this content: i) through partner networks on a localized basis, such as sports and entertainment venues, hotels, retailers, outdoor display, websites and other mobile apps and ii) through our own mobile app 2. Build a global user base by addressing a daily, chronic, universal information need??????when is my ride coming and why is it late???? 3. Make it easy for 1) venues and enterprises to display this content paid for by subscription fees and 2) riders to book multi-mode urban ground transportation services from our app and partners
  February, 14 2017

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